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Esports and TCG teams: Founded in 2015, Team Shenanigans Gaming - Yu-Gi- Oh! has had great success in the first few years of competing competitively. Many of our members have top finishes in the highest levels of competition i.e. Yu-Gi- Oh! Championship Series and ARG Circuit Series. The team’s greatest accomplishment belongs to Miguel Soto who competed in the 2015 World Championships in Japan and finished in the top 8. In 2016, TSG expanded into the esports scene with competitive Hearthstone players. Philip Torres and Hugo Chavez both have had top finishes in Hearthstone Major events. 2017 was a break out year with TSG adding an amateur League of Legends team, variety streaming on Twitch and creating content on many platforms. We plan on expanding our esports team to include other major games in the near future.

Gaming Arena

About Shenanigans Gaming and Esports Arena: We are in the entertainment industry providing video and table-top game players a venue to play and compete with their friends, other local community members and players from around the world. We plan to host daily video game and trading card game competitions, watch parties for major tournaments and late night gaming events. We will also host computer literacy camps for children and vend trading cards in store and online.

Meet the Team

Rudy Maldonado

Variety TCG

DJ Davis


Patrick Turner


Austin Weaver

Variety Streamer

Fabricio Graniel


Irvin Tostado


Jackson Smith


Jacob Zavala


Kyle Wilkinson


Derrick Crockett

Dragonball Super TCG

Victor Rodriguez


JP Gruchacz

Variety PC Gaming

Trevor Howton

Pokemon TCG

Eric Vaughn

Pokemon TCG

Christopher Osborn

Dragonball Super TCG

Charlie Wallace

League of Legends (Top Lane)

Jacob Zapata

League of Legends (Jungle)

Xwan Lim

League of Legends (Mid Lane)

Mando Urbina

League of Legends (ADC)

Everardo Garcia

League of Legends (Support)

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Philip Torres


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eSports Arena

Shenanigans Gaming and Esports Arena will be a facility with 24 gaming PCs and a table-top gaming area for trading card games, board games and other activities to be built in San Antonio, TX. Our target open date is in late 2018.”

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